Rolls of label laminate are indispensable for businesses seeking additional protection for their labels without significantly increasing costs. Our label laminates, available in gloss and matte finishes, provide a protective coating over your printed labels, shielding them against water, oil, chemicals, abrasion, and scratching. This protective layer enhances the durability of labels and helps maintain the clarity and vibrancy of their colors, crucial for products in demanding environments.

Gloss Laminates offer a high-shine effect that can make colors pop and attract attention, ideal for products that need to stand out on the shelves. Matte Laminates, on the other hand, provide a more subdued and elegant appearance, reducing glare and giving labels a premium feel. Both types of laminates add a pleasing tactile quality to the labels, enhancing the overall consumer interaction with the product.

While laminate rolls are perfect for use with continuous labels, enabling custom-sized applications, they are not suitable for pre-cut die-cut labels. Applying laminate to continuous labels requires a separate finishing process, which Afinia Label finishing systems can handle efficiently. This process, though an additional step, is cost-effective and does not add much to the per-label cost. It's a small investment for the significant benefits of increased label resilience and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

For businesses aiming to boost the longevity and visual impact of their labels, our laminate rolls present an excellent solution. They not only protect but also elevate the presentation of your products, essential for maintaining brand integrity and enhancing customer appeal. Explore our selection of label laminate rolls to discover how these products can refine your labeling process.

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